Lynda- Logo Design Techniques

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Logo Design Techniques
3h 19m Beginner Nov 04, 2014

Logos are a critical part of the modern visual landscape. To learn how to create your own, it's important to be able to identify the components and design techniques behind the most successful examples, from the Nike swoosh to the Coca-Cola ribbon. In this course, Nigel French deconstructs popular logos in order to explain why and how they work, and offers a methodical approach to creating a logo in Illustrator. These tutorials combine theory with nuts-and-bolts techniques that emphasize simplicity and readability: the principles that ground the best logo designs.
Topics include:

Generating logo ideas

Choosing the right typeface

Designing with simple shapes

Adding shine, texture, beveled edges, and transparency

Designing with negative space

Choosing logo colors

Preparing final files