Magallanes 2015 Peruvian 720x400p 48KHz En-sub Makalakato

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Magallanes is the directorial the debut of Salvador del Solar. This is a film about dignity; there is no good or bad , victims or perpetrators, but human beings who must deal with the ghosts of the internal armed conflict that rocked Peru in the eighties, when the Shining Path ravaged Ayacucho, among other parts of Peru .

In the film also wonderfully portrays values ‚Äč‚Äčlike dignity of women, friendship and love. How far one can go to try to redeem our mistakes? What happens when you finally do not find even the punishment we long to atone for our mistakes? Magallanes is therefore a treatise on the gray plain that moves the human being, that esplanade where there are no villains, but characters with a reason for their actions