Metegol BluRay 2014 1080p x264 3D Dual Audio EliteFtp

Size : 9.61 GiB (10319693909 Bytes)

Since boy Amadeo is geek aficionado , having built their own players and they tested many different games . One day he is challenged by Ezekiel ( Juan Jose Campanella ) , an arrogant boy who lives bragging for being an accomplished footballer really. But the epic game of foosball between the two has not been won by him . Years later , he returns wealthy and wants to make money with your hometown in a sort of theme park . Now , to save the city , Amadeo must accept the challenge proposed by the villain : face him in a game of real football . It's when something magical happens and gaming table dolls come alive to help your fellow big plays .

Original title : Metegol
Title in Brazil : A Time Show Ball
Genre: Animation | Adventure
Video Length : 106 Min
Release Year : 2013

Size : 9.61 GB
File Extension : . MKV
Audio Language : Spanish / Portuguese
Subtitles : Portuguese
Video Quality : Blu - Ray - 3D
Video codec : H.264 / AVC
Audio codec : AC3 5.1
Resolution: 1920 x 800