Modern Glass Characterization – Mario Affatigato

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Modern Glass Characterization - Mario Affatigato (Wiley, 2015).pdf

The book consists of a series of edited chapters, each written by an expert in the field and focusing on a particular characterization technique as applied to glass.
The book covers a variety of techniques ranging from the very common (like Raman and FTIR) to the most recent (and less well known) ones, like SEM for structural analysis and photoelastic measurements.
The level of the chapters make it suitable for researchers and for graduate students about to start their research work. It will also:
discuss the technique itself, background, nuances when it comes to looking at glassy materials, interpretation of results, case studies, and recent and near-future innovations
Fill a widening gap in modern techniques for glass characterization
Provide much needed updates on the multiple essential characterization techniques