Mysteries of the Unknown – The UFO Phenomenon – pdf [TKRG]

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Mysteries of the Unknown - The UFO Phenomenon - pdf [TKRG]

"The UFO Phenomenon", a part of Time-Life Magazine's "Mysteries of the Unknown" series of books, is one of the best-illustrated UFO books you'll ever see. And, thanks to the work of Time magazine's first-rate writers and researchers, this book is also superior to many of the mediocre and poorly-researched books published on UFOs. The book offers a good history of the UFO phenomenon, dating back to 1947 when a respected pilot and businessman, Kenneth Arnold, saw what he later described to reporters as nine "flying saucers" buzzing over Mount Rainier in Washington State. Soon many people were reporting strange airborne objects all over the nation, prompting a worried US Air Force to begin a secret investigation that would last until 1969, plus covering almost every aspect of UFOs, from mysteries such as the nuclear bomb-style explosion in Siberia in 1908 which destroyed a thousand square miles of forest, to most of the better-known UFO sightings in the USA, to the creepy "Men In Black" who have been rumored to try and intimidate UFO witnesses into not publicizing their sightings, to possible explanations for UFOs - from the sensible to the outlandish