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Title: Last Man Standing
Plot: The murder of a Petty Officer is linked to another death and the Director's decision to break up Gibbs's team. Gibbs and Director work together to unravel the mystery.
File Size: 43.7 MB

Title: Agent Afloat
Plot: Tony investigates a sailor who may have jumped overboard. He asks Gibbs to inform the widow. When they find she was murdered, the entire team will be needed to determine what really happened.
File Size: 42.6 MB

Title: Capitol Offense
Plot: When a Naval Commander is murdered, an old friend contacts Gibbs. His friend is now a Senator. He believes he's being framed because of his connection with the Commander.
File Size: 43.7 MB

Title: Heartland
Plot: One marine is murdered, and another is critically injured outside a bar. They find the injured marine was the target of the attack. The investigation takes the team to Gibbs's home town.
File Size: 43.7 MB

Title: Nine Lives
Plot: A marine is found tortured in his garage. The investigation leads to an FBI witness who is about to testify against a reputed mobster.
File Size: 43.1 MB

Title: Murder 2.0
Plot: The NCIS team is forced to investigate a crime during Halloween where a psychotic murderer leaves clues of its next victim's identity on the net.
File Size: 43.6 MB

Title: Collateral Damage
Plot: Gibbs is put in a tough spot when he has to handle an assistant rookie assigned to his team by Vance to investigate a bank robbery case.
File Size: 38.9 MB

Title: Cloak
Plot: A shocking secret surfaces when the team is pushed into a war game, and one team member will face serious consequences.
File Size: 39.9 MB