New World Order Nazi music videos in various languages..mkv

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A collection of New World Order Nazi music videos in various languages. Today is different from the World War II era. The so called elite that rule the corporations are not Jews, quote unquote. Sure some might be of Jewish decent but they could care less about the G-D of Israel or Israel itself; they serve Money and their selves. During The World War II era they did use the common Jew to control Germany; but that did not work. They were put Concentration Camps! So today the so called elite primarily uses Christians, Muslims and Niggers as their working tools. Like it or not you live Christian world. Who pushes for Civil Rights, who gives aid to our enemy, who molests our children, who voted from Obama etc., Christians. So if you must hate a Jew, hate Jesus Christ and Muhammad. Muhammad was no more than a Christian Arab like all the Saudis. Both Jesus and Muhammad are enemies to mankind! If you need a prophet start with Abraham the Aryan and Moses. One must forever honor their ancestors, be it Adolf Hitler or Odin etc., with the blood of their enemies!