Nitride Ceramics – Combustion Synthesis, Properties, and Applica

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Nitride Ceramics - Combustion Synthesis, Properties, and Applications - A.A. Gromov, L.N. Chukhlomina (Wiley-VCH, 2015).pdf

A comprehensive overview of recent developments in the field of non-oxide ceramics with special emphasis placed on the combustion synthesis of group I-VI nitrides and oxynitrides. To ensure the widest possible perspective, the authors are experts in academia, industry, or government research, and each chapter discusses different synthetic methods and process parameters, as well as important material properties and applications.
The result is invaluable reading for researchers and practitioners in the industry as well as those looking for an introduction to the field. It is equally of great interest to chemists and materials scientists as well as engineers working in the area of inorganic and solid-state chemistry, structural and functional materials, catalysis, metallurgy, and electrochemistry