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No Materials Scott Thornbury disk 23 of 25

I took this course in Ban Phe Thailand.

It's a real dog and pony show. You get to watch dave hopkins put his hand to his head, close his eyes and magically recite from memory.

The man dave hopkins is like the course

He claims never to have taught the same lesson plan twice. True only in the respect that he has taught the same lessons thousands of time. Telling class after class the same crap.

One might be amazed when you talk about the class to any one in the local restaurants and the people can finish the sentences for you.
They have herd the same lines about good old dave time and time again.

Then there is the matter of the hundreds of people being defrauded. Many of the Tefl sites (many sites, many names and all belong the thief bruce veld) claim that it is legal to teach in Thailand having no degree. They claim only a Tefl International TESOL certificate is required.
It is a lie.

I'm one of those. Though I have 131 college credit hours (that's more than 4 years)the subjects are varied and I do not have a 4 year degree.

The exact same course taught by Tefl International has been posted online here:

Free to download, all you need is use a file share program such as uTorrent from

No one in their right mind knowing what this is would still pay to take this course.

Getting to know Tefl International:

This is more than funny. Despite the humorous side it's disgusting.

The purpose of posting this entire set of files is to give anyone curious the opportunity to know exactly what it is without being cheated of your money.