Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States – PREQUEL B –

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Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States - PREQUEL B - 1920s30s - BRRIP

Here it is! 2 of 2 unreleased episodes of the epic Untold History of the United States!

This episode basically deals with the Roaring 20s, postwar America, the causes and aftermath of The Great Depression.
Lots on banking fraud, war profiteers and collaborators.
It kinda jumps the timeline a little (out of necessity) and has a full 3 minutes of identical footage from episode 1 but is still worth every minute.

Thank goodness they point out the fact that Stalin was no Marxist-Leninist and the Tariq Ali puts the "communist" flame out around the late 1930s.
Collevtivism is NOT communism, yay!

These two prequels do well to point out the Americans who spoke out against the evils of the empire early on.

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If you don't have a BR player and $30 to get the set, buy the book or audiobook.
It is much more thorough and well worth it.

Bravo Stone & Kuznick!