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Osho_From misery to enlightenment, #02
Chapter title: Meditation -- jumping board to your being
30 January 1985 pm in Lao Tzu Grove

Question 1

IT is the most important question as far as my religion is concerned.
Meditation is the very center of my whole effort.
It is the very womb out of which the new religion is going to be born.
But it is very difficult to verbalize it. To say something about meditation is a contradiction in terms. It is something which you can have, which you can be, but by its very nature you cannot say what it is. Still, efforts have been made to convey it in some way. Even if only a fragmentary, partial understanding arises out of it, that is more than one can expect.
But even that partial understanding of meditation can become a seed. Much depends on how you listen. If you only hear, then even a fragment cannot be conveyed to you, but if you listen.... Try to understand the difference between the two