Permaculture – Sepp Holzer – Farming with Terraces and Raised Be

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Terraces And Raised Beds
by Sepp Holzer

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The practice of replanting the Austrian mountainsides with pine seedlings has resulted in an unhealthy forest monoculture.
Sepp Holzer has transformed his own steep mountainside into a fertile farm of ponds, trees, raised beds and terraces that
is productive year-round. In this video you'll see pasture land converted into a blossoming terrace, within a few weeks.
There is a lot of good information here as to how to create a garden or farm that essentially takes care of itself, after you first do the work of setting it up.

Sepp Holzer's childhood dream has been realised. His Krameterhof has become a Garden of Eden. A garden whose inhabitants, animal and vegetable,
are like a team ? his team, supporting each other.

For 40 years the Holzers have farmed 45 hectares of mountainside. Remarkably they produce cereals, vegetables and fruit at altitudes up to 1500 metres.
The key to their success? ...permaculture - farming in harmony with nature. Unlike monoculture, it produces healthy crops, free of chemical residues.
But at the same time it enriches the soil - naturally.