Plasma Physics and Controlled Thermonuclear Reactions Driven Fus

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Plasma Physics and Controlled Thermonuclear Reactions Driven Fusion Energy - Bahman Zohuri (Springer, 2016).pdf

Provides a basic scientific grounding in Plasma Physics, as well as in Fusion
Demonstrates pathways whereby plasma-driven fusion may be superior to the current generation of fission-based reactors
Examines fusion within the broader context of clean energy applications, discussing efficiency, costs and environmental impacts

This book covers the basic principles of both fusion and plasma physics, examining their combined application for driving controlled thermonuclear energy. The author begins by explaining the underlying scientific theory, and then goes on to explore the nuances of deployment within thermonuclear reactors. The potential for these technologies to help shape the new generation of clean energy is examined in-depth, encompassing perspectives both highlighting benefits, and warning of challenges associated with the nuclear fusion pathway. The associated computer code and numerical analysis are included in the book. No prior knowledge of plasma physics or fusion is required