Proton-Conducting Ceramics – From Fundamentals to Applied Resear

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Proton-Conducting Ceramics - From Fundamentals to Applied Research - Mathieu Marrony (Pan Stanford, 2016).pdf

This book proposes a wide overview of the research and development of proton-conducting solid oxide materials. It is the first to approach the topic on proton-conducting ceramics and presents analysis studies from the fundamental to the most promising applied domains. It describes theoretical studies to enhance understanding of proton-transport mechanisms through materials and focuses on the main families of materials referred in the literature, highlighting their structure and their electrical and physicochemical properties. It lists the various routes of synthesis and processing methods used to develop such materials and deals with their main performances and prospects with respect to electromotive force, electrochemical hydrogen transport, and reactors. The book will be helpful for students from academic sciences as well as industrials dealing with applications of such materials