Psychology video course – “The human Experience.”

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A commendable video course in basic psychology, if you are interested in such matters. Actually just a test to see if the community is ready for other than music, movies and porn, porn, porn....
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"Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men." - Copy to Clipboard

Martin Luther King Jr.

Well, thanks for listening, here is the torrent:


This telecourse offers insights into key concepts and principles of psychology through a focus on human experience. Interviews with subject matter experts, researchers, and other experts in the field of psychology are used to explain and apply psychological concepts in twenty-six 30-minute programs. Each video is a complete lesson, and utilizes original videography of biological processes, as well as historical and contemporary research. Stories of challenge, relationships, investigation, hope, and inspiration are told using original footage of real life case studies. Animated three-dimensional computer graphics of life processes and concepts are also incorporated in each lesson.
Coast learning Systems
version/product code: Ie04PTHE
Psychology: The Human Experience
4-DVD Set

Disc One

Lesson 01: Why Study Psychology?

Lesson 02: Research Methods in Psychology

Lesson 03: The Nervous System

Lesson 04: The Neuron & Neural Transmission

Lesson 05: Sensation & Perception

Lesson 06: Consciousness

Lesson 07: Learning: Classical & Operant Conditioning

Disc Two

Lesson 08: Learning: Observational & Cognitigve Approaches

Lesson 09: Memory

Lesson 10: Language & Cognition

Lesson 11: Intelligence

Lesson 12: Motivation

Lesson 13: Emotions

Lesson 14: Infant & Child Development

Disc Three

Lesson 15: Adolescent & Adult Development

Lesson 16: Gender & Sexuality

Lesson 17: Personality Theories

Lesson 18: Personality Traits & Assessment

Lesson 19: Social Cognition

Lesson 20: Attitudes

Lesson 21: Group Influence

Disc Four

Lesson 22: Stress, Health, & Coping

Lesson 23: Understanding Psychological Disorders, Part One

Lesson 24: Understanding Psychological Disorders, Part Two

Lesson 25: Therapies

Lesson 26: Making Psychology Part of Your Life