Ringo Starr – Phil Donahue Show

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Ringo Starr
The Phil Donahue Show
New York City, NY
Broadcast Date: 7-10-95

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Chapters: 10
NTSC / Stereo
TRT: 0:58:22
Audio codec: AC3
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Video codec: MPEG2
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Picture resolution: 704x480

Chapters: 1-7 The Phil Donahue Show (7-10-95)
w/ Special guest Max Wienberg

Excellent appearance by Ringo, who shows patience with
Phil and his exhuberant questioning.
Max Weinberg joins
the show for the second half.
He and Ringo share thoughts
about drumming.
Quite interestng.

8. CBS THIS MORNING (7-7-92)

9. THE TODAY SHOW (10-12-93)