Scott Rogers – Authentic Pressure Point – Kyusho

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Authentic Pressure Points with Scott Rogers

Proven Kyushojutsu techniques that will disable any attacker regardless of martial discipline. Taught from hands-on experience, not theory.

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Volume 1: Fundamentals Of Pressure Points: Arms and Set Ups. 48 min.
Volume 2: Fundamentals Of Pressure Points: Head, Neck And Torso. 52 min.
Volume 3: Pressure Point Knockouts: Simple Attacks. 46 min.
Volume 4: Pressure Point Knockouts. 49 min.
Volume 5: Pressure Points And Grappling. 38 min.
Volume 6: Advanced Pressure Point Fighting Strategies. 51 min.
Volume 7: Fingertip Power. 59 min.
Volume 8: Sticking Hands. 53 min.
Volume 9: How To Attack Pressure Points Using Kicking. 47 min