Shaun The Sheep Movie – Vita da Pecora (2015) [DVD9 – Ac3 5.1]

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Shaun The Sheep Movie - Vita da pecora

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Original Title: Shaun the Sheep Movie
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2015
Genres: Animation
Director: Richard Starzak, Mark Burton
Screenplay: Richard Starzak, Mark Burton
Production: Aardam Animation

Shaun, a mischievous sheep living with his flock at Mossy Bottom Farm, is bored with the routine of life on the farm. One day, he concocts a plan to have a day away, by tricking the farmer into going back to sleep by counting his sheep repeatedly. However, the caravan in which they put the farmer to bed accidentally rolls away, taking him the entire way into the city. Bitzer, the farmer's dog, goes after him, ordering the sheep to stay on the farm until he

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Compression: No
Movie Quality: DVD9
Size: 6565 Mb
Runtime: 81 min.
Audio: Ac3, Dts 5.1
Extra: Making of, Behind the scenes, Credits, Trailer