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• Official site: Skype

• Language: English, Russian, and others

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Skype – a free program for text, voice and video conversations with friends around the world. Skype network using P2P-technology to connect with other users and are of high quality data. In addition to superior voice quality, Skype gives maximum privacy – all communication between clients is encrypted and can not be intercepted. And most importantly, Skype does not require reconfiguring your firewall or router – it just works! In addition, the program allows you to communicate using short text messages. Starting with version 2.0 Skype software the opportunity to hold a video conference. Built-in video support lets you see the window with the image of the interlocutor or the operating window of Skype, or in a separate window, and even in full screen mode.
Main functions:

• Free calls between Skype users

• Calls to landlines and mobile phones, as well as sending SMS

• Free instant messaging

•Voice mail

• Free video incoming calls to a phone when you’re not onlineWhat’s New:

Release Notes:The differences in the types of installers: – normal installer – affiliate installer provides services [Taiwan’s PChome] – affiliate installer [Hong Kong company HGC] – affiliate installer [Polish company Onet] – affiliate installer [a UK social networking site Bebo] – Business installer more convenient for centralized deployment in networks – affiliate installer [Taiwan’s PChome] – online installer, or as a program, updated through – affiliate installer [Ukrainian Privatbank] – UI version – version with a new user interface – affiliate installer [Korean company Daesung] – affiliate installer [Yandex] – affiliate installer offers to install the homepage Yandex search and services; – version with support for Windows Live Messenger – version with support for Windows Live Messenger – affiliate installer [the Japanese company Excite] – UI version – version with a new user interface – UI version – version with a new user interface, officially announced Microsoft; – for those who have problems with SSE. You can take from here.Turn off advertising:

• The hosts (% SystemRoot% / system32 / drivers / etc / hosts) add
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