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a christmas torrent for us all tiny tim.

non nude edited 2gether[this means incontinuity,no amy proler annoyance etc
cyberlink power director is amy proehler]
mean girls clip of the girls on stage performing jingle bell rock..720dvd converted to 1080..looks decent but not true 1080.

Lindsay Lohan,
Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, and last and foremost in my opinion
Amanda Seyfried [its a swell time]this clip of her has convinced me there really is a santa

i prolly need to reformat my pc [who knows what hidden shit i dl from the netthis past year that antiv cant get. that messes up my utorrent bandwith] so help me seed this if you get it for a fair share or dont up to you. would be nice if my old torrents would seed at my poor 100kbs max speed but most flounder at under 20kbs
and they dont sustain..tracking problems perhaps.. there was something else i was going to mention..but in the words of steve martin...''i forgot''

merry christnas everyone[ because its traditional, every day we should be good 2 each other,,but after getting heaps of shit upon us..its difficult to b i want to slug amy proehler?...yes..but do i go stalk peace out and keep your loved ones safe in this mad robot world]