Supernatural S12E07 HDTV AC3 DivX-HQAVI

Size : 700.9 MiB (734942936 Bytes)

Re-Encode From 720p Release
Compatible With DivX DVD Players (720x400 Resolution).


Resolution: 720x400
Video Bitrate: 2042kbps
Audio: AC3 ACM 5.1 Channel @ 256kbps @ 48,000hz

Method used:
Encoding Program: VirtualDub With Directshow Driver Plugin
Video Settings:
Lanczos3 Resize Filter And Saved Uncompressed @ 49.1GB
Compressed With DivX 2-Pass On "Insane Quality" Setting, H.263 Optimized
Demuxed with tsMuxerGUI
Imported With Audacity And Saved As Uncompressed WAV
Compressed With AC3 ACM Codec


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