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Release Title:The 13th Warrior DVDRip [ResourceRG H264 by Stash]
Film Length:102mins. AD 922,Fear reigns.
Storyline:Eaters of the Dead, "The 13th Warrior."Surrounded by the frightening and ferocious foe, Ibn must conquer his personal fears and help battle the illusive invaders -- who emerge out of the mist in the black of night to slaughter the Vikings and devour their flesh
Antonio Banderas... Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan Vladimir Kulich ... Buliwyf Dennis Storhøi ... Herger - Joyous Daniel Southern ... Edgtho - Silent Neil Maffin ... Roneth John DeSantis ... Ragnar - Dour
Clive Russell ... Helfdane - Fat Mischa Hausserman... Rethel - Archer Oliver Sveinall ... Haltaf - Boy Asbjørn 'Bear' Riis... Halga - Wise Richard Bremmer ... Skeld - Superstitious Tony Curran ... Weath - Musician Albie Woodington... Hyglak - Quarrelsome Omar Sharif ... Melchisidek
Genre:Action | Adventure
IMDB: Rating:Rated R for bloody battles and carnage. Language:English Original Source:DVD Size of MP4 file:1.50 GB Info Hash:9C0735551847C193BF16320C6285CC5CEA35F11C
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Format:H264/x264 Bitrate:[/color]2093kbps Framerate:23.976 FPS Encoder:x264 Resolution:720x304 Aspect Ratio:2.35
Format:AAC Audio #1:AAC = 128 kbps (2 Channel) Audio #2:AAC = 384 kbps (6 Channel) Sample Rate:48000Hz
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