The BOURNE Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum, Legacy, JASON – 720p

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Hey guys, this torrent contains the COMPLETE "Jason Bourne" FRANCHISE including the 1988 "TV Mini-Series" that MOST of US did NOT "know" about, LOL! This is all that this collection has (in 720p Resolution, too, except for the "1988" Mini-Series):

0. The BOURNE Identity - TV Mini-Series (1988 - 480p)
1. The Bourne IDENTITY - The Movie (2002 - 720p)
2. The Bourne SUPREMACY (2004 - 720p)
3. The Bourne ULTIMATUM (2007 - 720p)
4. The Bourne LEGACY (2012 - 720p)
5. JASON Bourne (2016 - 720p)

Plot Synopsis:

The BOURNE Identity (1988) - "A 1988 television adaptation of Robert Ludlum's thriller. An injured, unconscious man (Richard Chamberlain) washes ashore in a small French town. As he recovers, it becomes quite clear, someone is trying to kill him. Jaclyn Smith co-stars."

The Bourne IDENTITY (2002) - "A man is picked up by a fishing boat, bullet-riddled and suffering from amnesia, before racing to elude assassins and regain his memory."

The Bourne SUPREMACY (2004) - "When Jason Bourne is framed for a CIA operation gone awry, he is forced to resume his former life as a trained assassin to survive."

The Bourne ULTIMATUM (2007) - "Jason Bourne dodges a ruthless CIA official and his agents from a new assassination program while searching for the origins of his life as a trained killer."

The Bourne LEGACY (2012) - "An expansion of the universe from Robert Ludlum's novels, centered on a new hero whose stakes have been triggered by the events of the previous three films."

JASON Bourne (2016) - "The CIA's most dangerous former operative is drawn out of hiding to uncover more explosive truths about his past."


Name (Title): The BOURNE Series (1988-2016): Identity (TV Miniseries and 2002 Film), Supremacy, Ultimatum, Legacy, Jason - 720p BluRay x264.

Category Type: Movies.

Length (Duration): VARIES by Film.

Year(s): 1988-2016 (Complete Collection).

Starring: Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, Jeremy Renner, Joan Allen, Alicia Vikander, Tommy Lee Jones, Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz, etc...

Genre(s): Action, Thriller, Crime, Mystery.

Resolution: 480p-720p.

Rip Type (Source): DVDRip (for 1988 Mini-Series) and BluRay (for 2002-2016 Movies).

Codec Type: x264.

Format of File(s): MP4(s) for everything.

Audio Format & Language(s): ENGLISH Audio -> AC3 5.1 640 KBPs Audio for the 2002-2016 MOVIES and AC3 2.0 192 KBPs Audio for the 1988 TV Mini-Series.

Subtitles: YES: ENGLISH "External SRT Subs" for EACH Film.

Chapters: YES (for EVERY film).

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