The End of the Affair (DVD ENG-ITA-SPA) 1999 PAL

Size : 4.33 GiB (4649138176 Bytes)

Year: 1999, USA
Genre: Drama | Romance
Julianne Moore, Ralph Fiennes, Stephen Rea, Ian Hart, Jason Isaacs
Director: Neil Jordan



A passionate woman trapped in a sterile marriage, Sarah Miles (Julianne Moore) is immediatly and irresistibly attracted to the handome young novelist, Maurice Bendrix (Ralph Fiennes) when they met at a party given by Sarah's worthy but dull civil servant husband, Henry (Stephen Rea). They begin a passionate, illicit and sexually liberating love affair. After five intense and passion-fuelled years, Sarah abruptly walks out of Maurice's life with no explanation, living him utterly bereft.
Two years later Bendrix has a chance to meeting with Henry. His obsession with Sarah rekindled, he succumbs to his jealousy and arranges
to have her followed by a private detective, Mr. Parkis (Ian Hart). Haunted by memories of their affair, he re-enters her life in a disperate attempt to solve the mistery surrounding the end of the affair..


File size: 4,34 Gb
TV System: PAL
Framerate: 25.00 fps
Resolution: 720 x 576
Aspect ratio: 16:9
English Audio: AC3 448 kbps 6 channels
Italian Audio: AC3 448 kbps 6 channels
Spanish Audio: AC3 448 kbps 6 channels
Subtitles: English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese