The Life and Times of Tim S01 (PSP, iPod, Zune)

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I love this show, I just think it is hilarious all of the stuff Tim gets into.

Show Nfo - Everybody makes mistakes, but for Tim - a self-conscious young guy living in New York - just getting out of bed in the morning could be the worst decision he makes all day. No matter the situation, life's little challenges always manage to demand the most offensive solutions, which wouldn't be such a problem if he weren't continually caught red-handed. From the mind of Steve Dildarian - the Clio-winning ad man behind Budweiser's famous 'Lizards' campaign - 'The Life and Times of Tim' follows this everyday working guy from one scandalous crisis to the next.

I know that cartoons aimed towards adults generally don't get the attention they deserve, because they get written off as childish or don't capture interests as quickly as attractive/famous real-life characters can. But PLEASE, give this show a chance! I promise that just one episode of this show will have you hooked. I haven't laughed out loud this much since arrested development (R.I.P.) and the humor is similarly fast paced and, at times, absurd. The show is a half hour long, divided into two 15 minute episodes, which makes the show very watchable even for people who don't think they can devote an entire 30 minutes to a cartoon.

Everything about this show is hilarious--the scenarios, the dry dialogue, the buildup to inevitable madness, and the horribly drawn but wonderfully fleshed-out characters. The show follows Tim, who is frequently caught in admittedly outlandish situations, although they always seem to spiral out of control so realistically. He and the supporting cast of characters all have their own stand out performances, including Debbie the friend/hooker and Amy the girlfriend, who is perpetually disappointed in her well-meaning but just plain awful boyfriend. So before you write it off simply because it's an adult cartoon, watch just ONE episode. Hell, even watch one half of an episode. That's 15 minutes of your time that will quickly lead to you watching every episode, I promise.

Video Specs:

: MPEG-4
Codec ID

: M4V
File size

: 50.6 MiB

: 24mn 27s
Overall bit rate

: 289 Kbps
Movie name

: E01 Angry Unpaid Hooker - Rodney's Bachelor Party
Encoded date

: 2010
Writing application

: Lavf52.33.0


: 1


: Advanced Video Codec
Format profile

: [email protected]/* */
Format settings, CABAC

: No
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: 1 frame
Codec ID

: avc1
Codec ID/Info

: Advanced Video Coding

: 24mn 27s
Bit rate mode

: Variable
Bit rate

: 156 Kbps

: 320 pixels

: 240 pixels
Display aspect ratio

: 4:3
Frame rate mode

: Constant
Frame rate

: 29.970 fps
Color space

Chroma subsampling

: 4:2:0
Bit depth

: 8 bits
Scan type

: Progressive

: 0.068
Stream size

: 27.3 MiB (54%)


: 2


: Advanced Audio Codec
Format version

: Version 4
Format profile

: LC
Format settings, SBR

: No
Codec ID

: 40

: 24mn 27s
Bit rate mode

: Variable
Bit rate

: 128 Kbps

: 2 channels
Channel positions

: Front: L R
Sampling rate

: 48.0 KHz
Stream size

: 22.4 MiB (44%)