The Pharaoh’s Daughter-Bolshoi ballet-2003[iPod H264 DVDrip](wit

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The Pharaoh's Daughter-Bolshoi ballet-2003[iPod H264 DVDrip](with chapters)

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A ballet that originated back in 1862, this version of THE PHARAOH'S DAUGHTER was
performed at the Bolshoi and stars Svetlana Zakharova. The story follows a young man and his dreams of running away with an exotic Pharaoh's daughter. The choreography is beautifully staged throughout, thanks to the direction provided by Pierre Lacotte, and Serguei Filin proves to be an awesome leading man alongside Zakharova.

Dancer Svetlana ZAHAROVA
Dancer Serguei FILIN
Dancer Gennady YANIN
Dancer Anastasia YATSENKO
Choreographer Pierre LACOTTE d'apr├Ęs M. Petipa
Composer Cesare PUGNI
Conductor Alexander SOTNIKOV
Stage Director Pierre LACOTTE
Costumes Pierre LACOTTE

Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Run Time: 1:41
chapters: 23
resolution: 640x368
Video Codec: AVC/h.264 ([email protected]/* */)
Audio Codec: AAC
Encoder handbrake: 0.9.6