The Pianist_(2002)[H.264.AC3.DVDRip]

Size : 1.86 GiB (1994665798 Bytes)

Title: The Pianist

Released: 2002
Length: 02:29:10
Size: 1.85GB
Genre: War, Drama, Biography, Adventure

Plot: With help from friends and associates a brilliant pianist escapes the Jewish labor camp where he is being held captive during the Nazi's occupation of Warsaw Poland from 1939 - 1945 and must live in hiding from the German
army for the duration of the war.

Starring: Adrian Brody, Michael Zebrowski, Ed Stoppard, Frank Finlay, Emilia Fox, Maureen Lipman, Jessica Kate Meyer, Julia Rayner and others.

Codec: h.264
Format: .mkv
Bitrate: 1800kbps
Resolution: 720x576
Aspect: 1.85x1 (Fullscreen)
Frame Rate: 23 frames/sec.

Codec: .ac3
Bitrate: 256kbps
Channels: 6
Sample: 44kHz
Volume: 100%

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