The Sopranos S06 (320×184, xvid avi) (Cowon, Iriver, Creative)

Size : 4.43 GiB (4757124798 Bytes)

The Sopranos - Season 6
For portable media players (PMP).
Source DVDRip (TOPAZ's & WiDE's releases) Resolution 320x184 Video XVID AVI Video codec Xvidcore 1.1.3 Audio MP3 VBR Audio codec Lame 3.98.1 Language: English Subtitles: No Episodes: 1-21 (all)
Ideal for Cowon D2, Iriver Clix, Creative Zen, etc.
Not ideal for PSP, iPhone, iPod Touch, Nano, Zune.
Please check your PMP's specifications before downloading.