The TOMORROW People: COMPLETE 1973,1992,2013 Series – 480p-720p

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Hey everybody, this COLLECTION contains the COMPLETE saga for a Sci-Fi TV series called "The TOMORROW People"! It contains the 1970's, 1990's, 1997 DOCUMENTARY ("Beyond Tomorrow"), and the 2013 variation for the series, too:

1970's series (480p DVDRip - DUAL Audio)
1990's series (480p DVDRip)
2013 series (720p Web-DL)

Plot Synopsis:

THE Tomorrow People (1973-79) - "The Tomorrow People are British teens who have special powers. They can communicate to each other using telepathy. They can also transport themselves (they call it "Jaunting"). With the help of Tim their talking computer they battle the bad people of earth and space."

The TOMORROW People (1992-95) - "The Tomorrow People are the next stage of human evolution. They can teleport, communicate by telepathy, heal with the power of thought and they are unable to kill or harm any living creature. Aided by a mysterious and ancient spacecraft buried in the sand of a Pacific island, the Tomorrow People use their powers to protect the world, while trying to keep their own existence a secret for fear of exploitation."

The Tomorrow PEOPLE (2013-14) - "Stephen Jameson thinks that he's going insane but finds out that he has the ability to move things with his mind, read peoples thoughts, and teleport from place to place. But Stephen finds out that he's not the only one that has these. These people call themselves The Tomorrow People. A new step in human evolution being hunt down by Ultra, a secret organization that hunt this species. There's a shadow war going on but who will come on top the humans or the Tommorow people."


Name (Title): The TOMORROW People - COMPLETE 1973-79, 1992-95, BEYOND Documentary, and 2013-14 Series - 480p-720p x264.

Category Type: TV Series (Complete).

Length (Duration): Between 30-45 Minutes per Episode (depending on which series you watch).

Year(s): 1973-79, 1992-95, 1997, 2013-14.

Starring: For the 70's series: Nicholas Young, Philip GIlbert, Elizabeth Adare. For the 90's series: Kristian Schmid, Christian Tesser, Naomie Harris. For the 2013 series: Robbie Amell, Peyton List, Luke Mitchell.

Genre(s): Sci-Fi, Action, Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy.

Resolution: 480p (for the 70's-90's shows) and 720p (for the 2013-14 series).

Rip Type (Source): Actual DVD "ISO" Rips (for the 70's-90's series) and Web-DL (for the 2013 series).

Codec Type: x264.

Format of File(s): MP4(s) throughout.

Audio Format & Language(s): ENGISH Audio: For the 70's series (AAC 2.0 Audio - Regular AND Commentary Tracks), For the 90's series (AC3 2.0 Audio), and For the 2013 series (AC3 5.1 Audio).

Subtitles: No.

Chapters: No.

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