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Title: Sacrifice
Plot: Home-bound from a five-month mission, the team is called back into action when the vice president is assassinated and the president-elect goes to ground after his motorcade is attacked. Back at home the women are abruptly uprooted when it's feared their lives are in danger as well, and the resulting chaos reveals a deep secret.
File Size: 44.3 MB

Title: Sudden Flight
Plot: While the women try to adapt to their new lives, the team sets a scientist up as bait, triggering the hijacking of their plane.
File Size: 43.8 MB

Title: Sex Trade
Plot: The team tries to retrieve plutonium in Kosovo, and Jonas is forced into an ethical dilemma when he uses a sex slave to gather information. At the unit's new home base, Tiffy and Abby both face challenges at their new jobs.
File Size: 43.4 MB

Title: The Conduit
Plot: The team runs concurrent missions in Columbia, but when congress gets involved there's a risk one of the operations will be left high and dry without a means of extraction. Back at home, the women run their own cover operation when a slip-up by Lissy causes the principal to suspect she's dangerous.
File Size: 44.1 MB

Title: Dancing Lessons
Plot: The unit is assigned to retrieve a nuclear scientist, but he wants more before he will go with him. Back at home, Jonas and the wives work on a covert operation of their own.
File Size: 43.4 MB

Title: Inquisition
Plot: The team tries to convince a man to give up his accomplices by making him believe that the attack already happened.
File Size: 40.1 MB

Title: Into Hell, Part 1
Plot: When Betsy Blane is taken hostage, Jonas and his team go to Iraq and begin their plan to rescue her. On the home front, Mack works on making Ryan pay for having an affair with Tiffy.
File Size: 39.6 MB

Title: Into Hell, Part 2
Plot: Jonas and the team are in Iraq and continue towards freeing Betsy Blane from her capturers. On the home front, Mack finds an opportunity to get back at Ryan.
File Size: 40.4 MB