The Who – 1965-1967 TV and Film Archives

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The Who
1965 - 1967
TV & Film Archives
Volume 1 DVD

Pete Townshend
Roger Daltrey
John Entwistle
Keith Moon

Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere - Shout & Shimmy (“Ready, Steady, Go!” 2nd July 1965)
I Can’t Explain (“Shindig!” 2nd October 1965)
My Generation (“Ready, Steady, Go!” 5nd November 1965)
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere - Shout & Shimmy (“Shindig! Goes to London” 9th December 1965)
Daddy Rolling Stone (“Shindig!” 30th December 1965)
Out in the Streets, It’s Not True (“A Whole Scene Going” 5th January 1966)
I Can’t Explain, My Generation (“Shindig!” 6th January 1966)
Substitute (“Promo Film” March 1966)
I Can’t Explain, Substitute (“Where the Action Is!” 16th May 1966)
Substitute (“Beat Club” 28th May 1966)
Daddy Rolling Stone, It’s Not True, Bald Headed Woman, The Kids Are Alright, Substitute, My Generation ( “Popside” 5th June 1966)
Substitute, Baby Don’t You Do It, CC Rider, My Generation (“Take Thirty in London” 9th July 1966)
The Kids Are Alright (“Promo Film” September 1966)
Happy Jack (“Top of the Pops” 22nd December 1966)
I’m A Boy, Happy Jack, Heatwave (“Beat Club” 21st January 1967)
Bucket T (“Pop Reportage from London” 2nd February 1967)
So Sad About Us, Happy Jack, My Generation (“Beat Club” 11th March 1967)
Pictures of Lily (“French TV” 5th April 1967)
Pictures of Lily (“Beat Club” 4th May 1967)

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