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Starting logically with an explanation of recommended equipment and the importance of the use of voice, this video centers almost entirely around trainer Charlotte Foster's classes over several weeks. Foster is obviously a talented, experienced trainer whose orientation is toward general obedience and getting people to understand their role in the training process. Her emphasis on dominance, alpha behavior, and pattern training are well presented and somewhat unique to this video. At one point, she demonstrates handling and discouraging aggression. In the last session, she features dog food and the dangers of rawhide chews, and while correct, she mentions only a few of the better quality foods, and her warning about rawhide could have been more emphatic. Technically, the video offers good quality sound, color, and action. Foster's confidence and cheerful energy translate well. Despite a few flaws and some rather amateurish slides, this program is basically well made, with solid information that is well presented. While videos do not replace actual attendance at classes and workshops, this one offers valuable introductory material that could help a novice owner prepare for going to local training classes. Recommended for public and school libraries.
Carolyn Alexander, Brigadoon Lib., Corral de Tierra, CA
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Product Description
This video is designed for people who want a no nonsense approach to dog training. We focus on changing the existing relationship with your dog or starting a new dog on the right paw. The dog is an opportunist who will turn your good intentions into him/her controlling your life. We will help you turn the tables by understanding pack behavior and showing you how to be the leader without using treats or clickers. Training tools include appropriate collars, (buckle, slip chain or pinch) and leather leashes. Training methods include positive reinforcement thru praise and success, while teaching you appropriate leash corrections for undesirable behavior. Through informational lectures and obedience exercises, we provide answers and solutions to why your dog doesnâ??t listen to you. After using Charlotteâ??s methods your dog should be listening, loving and respecting you more than before.