Transformers 3 _ Dark of the Moon (2D Bluray to 3D Conversion SB

Size : 8.46 GiB (9084362889 Bytes)

This is the lastest of the Transformers Trilogy. I was having some trouble with the Revenge of the Fallen conversion, so that will come later. Since this 3D release won't be out for some time, I thought I would throw this conversion out there.

Usual package from me... Encoded from a standard Bluray using 4.1 progressive profile, H264 video, AC3 audio, MKV container.

2D to 3D conversion was made using DVDFab

3D picture is 1080P when combined from Side-by-Side format.

Please no comments on seeding, I know it's slow. When you have 1 seeder and 40 leechers, that tends to happen. I have 5mb upload on a good day, and only 2mb is allocated for torrents.

Also no comments on this not being as good as what you saw in the theater.... I know, that's why it's a conversion.

Anyways, enjoy and seed please. I can't start new torrents if I'm the only seeder for the old ones.