Transformers: Prime (Japanese) – Episodes 1-45

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Transformers: Prime (Japanese)
This is the Japanese dub of Transformers: Prime, episodes 1-45


Resolution: 640x360

Some things to note:
1. There are no English subtitles. There just aren't. If you've watched the original US version, what happens and what they're talking about is the same.
2. There were some cuts to the episodes to fit in the Arms Micron Theater and Tokyo Girls' Style segments, and the longer title sequence. Again, not made by me, part of the Japanese broadcast.
3. I only have the first 45 episodes. I haven't found the rest. If I do, I'll start a torrent of them. On the other hand, if you know where to find them, please advise below in the comments.
4. Most of the episodes are in .flv format. That's how I got them and converting them to other formats just made them get really big or become really bad quality, so I've just left them as-is. VLC Player is free and should be able to play them:

There are some extras as well, namely two live studio segments. One is two hours long and appears to kick off and introduce the whole Transformers: Prime franchise, and another shorter one that appears to be a catch-up/"the story so far" at around episode 19.