TTC – Joy of Thinking: The Beauty and Power of Classical Mathem

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[b]Joy of Thinking: The Beauty and Power of Classical Mathematical Ideas[/b]
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Course Lecture Titles

1. Great Ideas that Bring Our World into Focus

2. How Many? Counting Surprises

3. Fermat?s Last Theorem and the Allure of Number

4. Pining for Nature?s Numbers

5. Sizing up the Fibonacci Numbers

6. The Sexiest Rectangle

7. The Hidden Beauty of the Golden Rectangle

8. The Pythagorean Theorem and Geometry of Ellipses

9. Not-so-Platonic Relationships in the Platonic Solids

10. Hunting for a Sixth Platonic Solid

11. Is There a Fourth Dimension? Can We See It?

12. The Invisible Art of the Fourth Dimension

13. A Twisted Idea?The Möbius Band

14. A One-Sided, Sealed Surface?The Klein Bottle

15. Ordinary Origami?Creating Beautiful Patterns

16. Unfolding Paper to Reveal a Fiery Fractal

17. Fractals?Infinitely Complex Creations

18. Fractal Frauds of Nature

19. Chance Surprises?Measuring Uncertainty

20. Door Number Two or Door Number Three?

21. Great Expectations?Weighing the Uncertain Future

22. Random Thoughts?Randomness in Our World

23. How Surprising are Surprising Coincidences?

24. Life Lessons Learned from Mathematical Thinking

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