TTC – Stress and Your Body (compressed)

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Stress and your body

The compressed version of these torrents:

24 Lectures
30 minutes / lecture

1. Why Don't Zebras Get Ulcers? Why Do We? (info)
2. The Nuts and Bolts of the Stress-Response
3. Stress and Your Heart
4. Stress, Metabolism, and Liquidating Your Assets
5. Stress, Overeating, and Your Digestive Tract
6. Stress and Growth—Echoes from the Womb
7. Stress, Growth, and Child Development
8. Stress and Female Reproduction
9. Stress and Male Reproduction
10. Stress and Your Immune System
11. Stress and Cancer
12. Stress and Pain
13. Stress, Learning, and Memory
14. Stress, Judgment, and Impulse Control
15. Stress, Sleep, and Lack of Sleep
16. Stress and Aging
17. Understanding Psychological Stress
18. Psychological Modulators of Stress
19. Stress and the Biology of Depression
20. Stress and the Psychology of Depression
21. Anxiety, Hostility, Repression, and Reward
22. Stress, Health, and Low Social Status
23. Stress Management—Clues to Success?
24. Stress Management—Approaches and Cautions

More info on their site:

Compression mini tutorial (hope I stimulate others to compress):

1. get SUPER (it's freeware and can convert everything to everything)

2. modify settings like this (or cut a little portion of video, then play around):
2.1 codec H264
2.2 set video width X 288 (width/288 must be equal to originalWidth/originalHeight)
2.3 set video bitrate somewhere between 240-270. I set it 240:P I didn't go lower.
2.4 set audio: mp3, audio bitrate 56kbs, sample rate 22050Hz

3. Hit the button:D
You should get videos somewhere around 60-90 mb.

That's all
(of course, then you create a torrent, then upload to tpb:D)