TTC Video Quantum Mechanics Physics of Microscopic World [compre

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-------------------------------------------- Compression mini tutorial (hope I stimulate others to compress):
1. get SUPER (it's freeware and can convert everything to everything) SUPER RULEZ:D
2. modify settings like this (or cut a little portion of video, then play around):
2.1 codec H264
2.2 set video width X 288 (width/288 must be equal to originalWidth/originalHeight)
2.3 set video bitrate somewhere between 240-270. I set it 240:P I didn't go lower.
2.4 set audio: mp3, audio bitrate 56kbs, sample rate 22050Hz
3. Hit the button:D You should get videos somewhere around 60-90 mb.
That's all (of course, then you create a torrent, then upload to tpb:D)