Tumbleweed Construction DVD

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The complete resource to building your tiny house on wheels.

Trailers & Trailer prep
Floor framing
Wall framing
Loft and Roof
Windows and doors
Siding and trim
10. Fit and Finish
11. Tour the Finished Cypress 20
12. Meet the hosts
13. Meet the Fishers
14. Meet Tumbleweed
15. Credits

When I was getting my degree in architecture I stumbled upon Tumbleweed and fell in love with the designs. I was fascinated with the idea of building my own house and getting some hands on construction experience.

While preparing for my build I bombarded the people at Tumbleweed with questions. Turns out, they were as impressed by my questions as I was with their designs. They flew me from the Midwest out to California for an interview and now I have my dream job working for Tumbleweed!

When the idea of making the Tumbleweed Construction Video was proposed I literally jumped at the opportunity to host and co-produce this how-to instructional DVD that provides answers to so many questions we all have.
"How do you attach a house to a trailer?"

"How do you secure your roof so it doesn’t blow off when traveling down the road?"

"What building materials should you avoid using in a tiny home?"

"What is the difference in plumbing a tiny home compared to a conventional home?"

"What types of trailers should you avoid?"

"Why is framing a tiny house different from framing a conventional home?"

To do this right we gathered some of the best and the brightest in the industry so that they could pass their knowledge on to you. Let me introduce them –

First, we have the Fisher Family. We met Dave, Alan and Ben at a workshop and were blown away by their kindness, integrity and skilled craftsmanship. Today we are proud to say that they are not only official Tumbleweed Builders, but also a cherished part of the Tumbleweed family.

Next, there is Art Cormier; a Tumbleweed do-it-yourselfer who built his home out of mostly recycled materials that we originally discovered on YouTube.

And then there is me – Meg Stephens, Tumbleweed's in-house designer.