Udemy- Learn Python Django From Scratch 2013

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Year : 2013
Manufacturer : udemy.com
Author : Stone River
Duration : 15h 46min
Language : English

Learn Python Django with this in-depth course for those who are new to Python Django and those who are not using it to its fullest potential.

What is Python Django?

Django is for creating web applications. That is, software, normally backed by a database, that includes some kind of interactivity, that operates through a browser. A Framework provides a structure and common methods for making this kind of software. It is not for making websites.

Django's primary goal is to ease the creation of complex, database-driven websites. Django emphasizes reusability and "plug ability" of components, rapid development, and the principle of don’t repeat yourself. Python is used throughout, even for settings, files, and data models. Django also provides an optional administrative create, read, update and delete interface that is generated dynamically through introspection and configured via admin models which you will learn in this python django tutorial.

Some well-known sites that use Django include Pinterest, Instagram, Mozilla, The Washington Times and the Public Broadcasting Service.

About the Author

Mike Hibbert can build anything that's based on code. Mike owns his own development company, and has been developing for the web and mobile for many years. He's a true Python guru, but he also commonly works with C/C++ (Windows & Linux), PHP (CodeIgniter), Python (Django), Ruby & Rails, iPhone & iPad apps and last but not least Android apps.