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This course will be focusing on beginner and
intermediate students
but especially ( beginners ) , It will take the
student from the
first steps in linux like ( what is linux and linux
installation )
to the higher steps like ( linux security and
systems ) , allowing the student to have a fresh start and build
a notable knowledge base about Linux

This course will Present

* Linux Installation
* Linux basic commands
* Linux Groups , Users and Permissions
* Linux editors to edit text files
* Form regular expressions to define patterns with
various Linux commands
* Install and manage packages in Linux
* Linux Network configuration
* Linux File System Management
* Linux security
* Linux managing process and monitoring tools
* Labs and quizzes to help improve the knowledge of the student

There will be updates in the course from time to time , like
adding new lectures and notes

This course will be very helpful for linux seekers , and the
student may ask any questions about the course or
about linux in general and I will be happy to share
knowledge with others

finally i hope that students will find this course
worthy and learn and enjoy linux