Udemy – Ubuntu Linux Server Troubleshooting

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Linux is the fastest growing operating system in the world. Get the Ubuntu Server skills you need to succeed with Ubuntu Linux Server Troubleshooting.

Things break. That's why companies hire IT professionals like YOU! Learn how to fix common errors in Ubuntu Server without even breaking a sweat. Whether the issue is hardware or software related, you'll be able to tackle it with the information and shell commands I'll teach you.

In the course I will cover:

The Basic Principles of Troubleshooting
Reading the Kernel Ring Buffer with 'dmesg'
Obtaining Hardware Information through the Shell
Repairing Networking Issues
Resolving Dependencies in Software Installations
How to Systematically Diagnose Hardware Problems
If you want to increase your IT skills, this course is a great place to start. More and more companies are utilizing Linux servers in their day-to-day operations. So, don't be left behind!

All course updates are 100% FREE. Buy this course one time and you own it for life. Not only that, but you will also gain lifetime access to me as your personal instructor. Have a question about Ubuntu Server? Just ask! You, as my student, will always be my #1 priority.

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What are the requirements?

Students will need access to an Ubuntu Server.
VirtualBox (free) can be used to simulate an Ubuntu Server environment within Windows or Mac OS X, if desired.
What am I going to get from this course?

Over 30 lectures and 2 hours of content!
Troubleshoot Ubuntu Server Systems with Confidence
Read the Kernel Ring Buffer for Device/Driver Failures
Diagnose and Repair Common Networking Errors
Resolve Software Dependency Issues
Find and Fix Filesystem Errors
Critically Evaluate All Hardware Components for Problems
What is the target audience?

This course is designed for those who would like an introduction to Ubuntu Server troubleshooting. Basic knowledge of Ubuntu Server is required, as this is not a course which teaches students how to use the system itself.
Advanced system administrators are discouraged from enrolling in this course, as they should already have a proper understanding of everything taught within the course.

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