Ufo Files – Ancient Aliens (2004-)(IPOD/PSP/PS3/ZUNE)

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Ufo Files - Ancient Aliens (2004-)(IPOD/PSP/PS3/ZUNE)

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Type : Documentary

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works on IPOD/PSP/PS3/IPHONE/IPAD/MAC & PC Also I watched it Via Apple TV.

This series was an excellent review of most of history's UFO stories,
some very well known, and others less so. The only issue I have is with
some of the names of the episodes, like "Britain's Roswell". This episode
deserves it's own name, like "The Rendlesham Forest Incident".
This and several other episodes, seen with an open mind, will have you
questioning whether we really are alone.

I encourage everyone to watch any one of the series and then do some
serious research into the subject. Don't listen to the BS that most people
spout about UFOs and aliens. Go and check out the Disclosure Project and
watch and listen to hundreds of credible servicemen and women tell their


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