UFO, TR-3B Astra, meditation, real life experience etc.

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 I found this "youtuber" short time ago, when I was little bored and trying to find any new informations just about TR-3, TR-3A and TR-3B. There was a man, whose nick name is sweet6b9. I looked at the video called TR-3B from him and it was the very first video. He spoked there about this interesting things:

He is a former employer of untold contractor ofUS NAVY. He shortly spoked about TR-3B, there was nothing new for me. But after that he started to desrcibing very, very, very interesting sthings (again nothing new for me) in a dedicated way. I presume he spoked from his own real life experiences and I knew, that he has truth. Every one should know this "basic" informations about dark things behind scene.

After that I wanted to know, what he knows else. And it was..I do not have words for it, cause on the first side I am very sad for him, but on the second side I am prod of him. When he spoked about TR-3B in his first video for me, I said to me, how much time it takes and he will have a PROBLEM. In other x videos from him I understood, that he lives for a two and a half years in his car some in british town, he teaches people, who want to speak with him about meditations, UFOs, conspiracies etc. etc. and...during his life in a car, he has problems: for example with police, with people, who in fact lives in matrix and even probably with people, who are hired to kill him. He meditates, things in a positive way and as I wrote he teaches, which are his strongest and only weapons.

In the end I have to write, that he is a true HERO of the people