University Physics – George B. Arfken et al.

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University Physics - George B. Arfken et al. (AP, 1984).pdf

General Introduction
Vector Algebra
Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies
Motion in One Dimension
Motion in a Plane
Newton's Laws
Work, Energy, and Power
Conservation of Energy
Conservation of Linear Momentum
Many-Particle Systems
Conservation of Angular Momentum
Rotation of a Rigid Body
Motion of a Rigid Body
Oscillatory Motion
The Mechanical Properties of Matter
Fluid Mechanics
Wave Kinematics
Mechanical Waves
Special Relativity
Relativistic Mechanics
Temperature and Heat
Thermal Properties of Matter
Heat Transfer
The Second Law of Thermodynamics
Kinetic Theory
Electric Charge
Electric Field and Gauss' Law
Electric Potential
Capacitance and Capacitors
Electric Current
Direct-Current Circuits
Magnetism and the Magnetic Field
Magnetic Field of Electric Current
Electromagnetic Induction
Inductance and Inductors
Magnetic Properties of Matter
Alternating Currents
Electromagnetic Waves and Maxwell's Equations
Reflection, Refraction, and Geometric Optics
Physical Optics: Interference
Physical Optics: Diffraction
Quantum Physics, Lasers, and Squids
Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Technology