URGENT MESSAGE!!!! Make this viral!!!!!!!! Resist vaccines

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From the Dove of Hope resistance text file:

I am asking you to join the last final chance of peaceful resistance
against forced vaccinations at least until they come up with a vaccine
that does no harm to anyone and only benefits society and does not cause
any health problems at all. That means be immmune to the flu without mercury and harmful
effects at all.

Please join the peaceful resistance and revolts against harmful vaccines and george orwell type control.

I am against being a virus risk to the public but these vaccines are harmful and have a intent
to kill people and cuase greater harm and risk to those taking the vaccine. I want the FDA
to evaluate the current vaccines they passed and if there is any risk in them I want them
to remake a batch of vaccines that will cause no harm to anyone and all it will do is help
people, prevent viruses like swine flu, and the only side effects I ever want is for it to be
TEMPORARY and NOT PERMANENT. If the side effects are just temporary I will take the vaccine but
if if theres any news of it causing permanent damage I will resist all vaccinations until
there is proof it won't cause any harm or I'm allowed to use alternative and safer methods
to fight the swine flu.

If the military cannot accept this decree then this means that the military is no longer on our side
and is our enemy of the United States and no longer accepts finding peaceful ways to resolve issues.

If your apart of the military and read this I don't want to fight or hurt you to live and not have health problems. Please I don't want more health problems then I already got. Please accept my dove of hope text file as a decree that I want the FDA, CDC, and the WHO to make better vaccines that don't cause more health problems that effect peoples lives in a negative way.

If the military cannot accept this decree of making better vaccines that don't cause health problems then they are AN ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES.