Various Artist’s Glastonbury 2016 MPEG2 720 320

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Glastonbury every year showcases the BEST in Modern Music and of course North America is invited but few turn up.
As you will see and hear, it is there loss and the rest of the World's gain.

Renamed and tagged following industry guidelines for Music files, this is both MAC and PC friendly and is designed for easy import into professional Video Discotheque and Club playout software.

Split into tracks enjoy many more hours of great music from the BBC TV HD Feed.

MPEG2 720P 320 Stereo Audio

File Name
Aurora - Runaway (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg
Aurora - Under Stars (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg
Aurora - Warrior (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg
Editors - Munich (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg
Editors - Smokers Outside The Hostpital Doors (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg
Jack Garratt - Fire (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg
Jack Garratt - Worry (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg
White Denim - River To Consider (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg
White Denim - Thank You (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg
White Denim - There's A Brain In My Head (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg

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