Various Artists – Rolling Stone 25 – MTV Special

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Rolling Stone 25 - The MTV Special
Host: Kurt Loder
Graceful Duck Archive

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This is an excellent look at Rolling Stone Magazine,
as told by the people who were there.
No live music
in this - just the stories and photographs deemed
essential by the producers of this documentary marking
the magazines 25th anniversary.
This tale is a time
capsule of very heavy times - veiled as a special
about a magazine covering Rock & Roll.
The challenge
of making this ambitious project succeed was accomplished
by framing the stories in a non-linear way.

Specific aspects were highlighted by relevance in an
informal succession of chapters:

Rolling Stone Magazine
The Cover Story
Lennon Remembers 1970
Red Hot Chili Peppers "The Naked Truth"
The Rolling Stone Review
Rock and Roll Journalism
Altamont 1969
Ice T
The Photographers
What Is It About A Photograph?
John Lennon December, 1980
When The Drugs Began To Take Hold
Hunter S. Thompson
Gonzo Journalism
The Politics Of Rolling Stone
Aids: The Plague Years
The Hot Issue
David Cassidy "Naked Lunchbox"
Rolling Stone Goes Hollywood
The Selling Out Of Rock & Roll
Corporate Magazines Still Suck
Random Notes

In addition to rememberances by the writers, reporters,
editors, and photographers at Rolling Stone, there are
appearances by the following people (in order of appearance).

Mick Jagger
Jay Leno
Peter Buck
Chris Isaak
Iggy Pop
Paul McCartney
Yoko Ono
Peter Jennings
Jason Priestly
Chris Robinson
Brooke Shields
Keith Richards
Axl Rose
Richie Sambora
Jon Bon Jovi
Steven Tyler
Tom Hamilton
Dr. Hook
Michael Steele
John Lennon (audio from Lennon Remembers interview)
Dolly Parton
Elton John
Red Hot Chili Peppers
David Byrne
Joe Perry
Ice T
Johnny Depp
Annie Leibovitz
Hunter S. Thompson
Luke Perry
Carl Bernstein
David Cassidy
Steve Martin
Michael Douglas
Sigourney Weaver
John Travolta
Michael J. Fox
Nina Blackwood
Eric Clapton
Chis Novoselic
Ralph J. Gleason (archive footage)