Various Artist’s Vol 5 Glastonbury 2016 [email protected]/* */

Size : 1.43 GiB (1537839706 Bytes)

MPEG2/VOB Video 720 Audio 320 Designed for Professional Video Discotheque and Club use, split into tracks and tagged and file named following best industry guidelines for Music Files these will give great playback on any PC or MAC using the playout software of your choice.

Rat Boy - Fake ID (Explicit) (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg
Rat Boy - Left 4 Dead (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg
Rat Boy - Scum (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg
Rat Boy - Sign On (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg
Rat Boy - Wasteman (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg
Skepta - Ace Hood Flow (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg
Skepta - Crime Riddim (Explicit) (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg
Skepta - Konnichiwa (Explicit) (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg
Skepta - Shutdown (Explicit) (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg
Skepta - That's Not Me (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg

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