World Air Routes – Varig MD11

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VARIG was the first airline founded in Brazil, in 1927. From 1965 until 1990 it was Brazil's leading and almost only international airline.

The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 played a very important part in VARIG's International operations with up to 26 aircraft in the fleet. In the late 90s we were lucky enough to join an MD-11 for one of the main European routes from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to Copenhagen and London Heathrow.

The program includes all the takeoffs and landings in the cockpit, communications with ATC, pilot presentations, a look at the inflight service of Varig. The flight concludes with a great approach and landing at Rio de Janeiro International Airport.

As a bonus you get to witness several landings in the cockpit of the Varig 737-300, 737-700 and 767-300!