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WD: The Original

Say hello to "The Bad Guy!" For the first time ever, WWE Home Video sits down with Scott Hall as he takes the WWE Universe on a very personal journey through his entire sports-entertainment career. From his meteoric rise in
WWE as Razor Ramon, to being one of the founding members of the notorious
group known as the nWo, to overcoming personal demons to become the man he is today, this story of redemption shows that "it ain't how many times you go down, it's how many times you get up.

DVD 1:
A Life-Changing Event
Back in Orlando
A Storybook Life
Moving to Florida
Getting His Start
AWA Experience
It Ain’t New York City
Razor Is Born
Another Level
Humble Superstar
A New Situation
Making Things Bigger
Falling Apart
A Dark Place
Fighting On A Daily Basis
Just What I Needed
One Place To Go
Bad Times Don’t Last
Back in the Family

DVD 2:
— From The Gutter
— El Jefe
— Chicas Are For Fun
— Taking What You Want
— Cleaning The Table
— Beach Bully
— Making A Wish
— Forget The Past
— Razor Ramon Outtakes
— Just As Big As The Wrestlers
— The Oz Mask
— Scott Ramon
— Let Them Be Kids
— Don’t Ever Leapfrog Again
— Weekend in ECW
— Wake Up Call
— WrestleMania 31
American Starship Vs. Inferno #1 and Inferno #2
(Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling Dec. 25 1984)

Scott Hall Vs. Michael ‘P.S.’ Hayes
(AWA Championship Wrestling Nov. 19 1985

$100,000 Battle Royal (AWA Championship Wrestling Nov. 28 1985)

“In This Corner” with Scott Hall (AWA Championship Wrestling Dec. 20 1985)

AWA Tag Team Championship Match
Scott Hall & Curt Hennig Vs. Long Riders (AWA WrestleRock April 20 1986)

Diamond Studd Vs. Tommy Rich (WCW Clash of the Champions XV June 14 1991)

Diamond Exchange Vs. Brian Lee & Chris Sullivan
(World Championship Wrestling Dec. 7 1991)

Razor Ramon Vs. Paul Van Dale (Superstars August 8 1992)

WWE Championship Match
Bret “Hit Man” Hart Vs. Razor Ramon (Royal Rumble January 24 1993)

Razor Ramon Vs. The Kid (RAW May 17 1993)

Intercontinental Championship Match
Shawn Michaels Vs. Razor Ramon (Saginaw, MI September 1 1993)

Intercontinental Championship Match
Razor Ramon Vs. Rick “The Model” Martel (RAW October 11 1993)

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match
Razor Ramon Vs. Shawn Michaels (WrestleMania X March 20 1994)
DVD 3:
Intercontinental Championship Match
Razor Ramon (w/ Walter Payton) Vs. Diesel (w/ Shawn Michaels)
(SummerSlam Aug. 29 1994)

Intercontinental Championship Match
Razor Ramon Vs. Jeff Jarrett (Royal Rumble January 22 1995)

Intercontinental Championship Match
Razor Ramon Vs. Goldust (Royal Rumble January 21 1996)

The Outsiders Vs. Sting & Lex Luger (WCW Hog Wild August 10 1996)

WCW World Tag Team Championship Match
The Outsiders Vs. Harlem Heat (WCW Halloween Havoc October 27 1996)

Scott Hall Vs. Scott Steiner (WCW Monday Nitro October 20 1997)

Scott Hall Vs. Chris Jericho (WCW Monday Nitro November 3 1997)

WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Scott Hall Vs. Sting (WCW Uncensored March 15 1998)

The Outsiders Vs. Goldberg & Sid Vicious
(WCW Monday Nitro November 22 1999)

Scott Hall Vs. The Rock (SmackDown! March 7 2002)

Scott Hall Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (WrestleMania X-8 March 17 2002)

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